Canberra Light Rail Tram in Shed

In July 2017, the Canberra Blind Society (CBS) and Guide Dogs NSW/ACT were invited by Canberra Metro to attend an information session for signage and wayfinding for the light rail project between the City and Gungahlin shopping districts.

Both CBS and Guide Dogs NSW/ACT made written submissions based on the information we were provided by Canberra Metro at the information session, who responded to both groups in November 2017. Both CBS and Guide Dogs NSW/ACT provided supplemental submissions addressing a number of concerns and inconsistencies with the response provided by
Canberra Metro.

Representatives from the CBS and Guide Dogs NSW/ACT were invited to join Canberra Metro at their offices to discuss the submissions on Thursday 8th of March 2018.

Both the CBS and Guide Dogs NSW/ACT supported each other in seeking wayfinding elements for the Canberra Metro lightrail project that are consistent with the Sydney, Newcastle and Parramatta light rail projects, including shorelining elements, warning and directional indicators on the platform and road crossings, colour contrasting doors and buttons and audible crossing points for roads and tracks.

Although Canberra Metro did not actually commit to the recommendations of CBS and Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, they did state they would raise them with the Territory government.

The CBS and Guide Dogs NSW/ACT will continue to work with Canberra Metro to ensure safe and equitable wayfinding are included in the project.

Those who represented the CBS and Guide Dogs NSW/ACT believe the needs of Canberra’s blindness and vision impaired community have been represented professionally, consistently and strongly by both groups.

The two CBS submissions and the responses from Canberra Metro can be found on our publications page.