Canberra City Street with Sunset in the background

The President of the Canberra Blind Society Mr Peter Granleese, announced today that the Canberra Blind Society (CBS) will be re-launching its annual Street Appeal to take place from Wednesday 1 to Saturday 4 May.

During the four days, volunteers, including collectors from Government Departments and year 10, 11 and 12 students from Canberra’s schools, will collect donations in Canberra’s streets and outside Government Offices.

The annual appeal is the only public fund-raising event conducted by CBS during the year. The Street Appeal is a major source of income for the Society and we look forward to the usual generous response from the people of Canberra”, Mr Granleese said.

CBS commenced in Canberra in 1958 and now provides a wide range of services to people of all ages who are blind or have low vision. These include: information, advice and publication of a monthly audio and large print newsletter, the provision of peer support programs, the provision of regular “sense-able cooking” classes and demonstrations and teaching of braille.

CBS also works with other blindness and community organisations operating in the ACT region to provide a complete service enabling people who are blind or have low vision to maximise their personal resources and abilities. Increasing numbers of older people are suffering vision loss due to age related eye conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetes, glaucoma and other less common eye conditions. CBS believes that with the right information, training and support people who lose their vision can maintain their independence, health and valuable contribution to their local communities. Blindness or vision loss can be managed provided the necessary support is available in an appropriate timeframe.

If you would like to donate please phone the Society’s office on 6247 4580 or take the opportunity when you spot one of our collectors on the street or outside of your place of work. You may also donate on-line here.Me