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Recently the dishwasher located in the CBS offices has been leaking and our Secretary Mr Graham Downie approached several Canberra businesses to ascertain could they assist CBS in a sponsorship capacity.  We are delighted that Amy Timbs from Winning Appliances in Kingston was able to come to our rescue and have donated a new dishwasher to replace our 15-year-old one.

“Winning Appliances in collaboration with Smeg would like to supply and install a new dishwasher to help assist you and the society.”

Amy Timbs  Store Manager 

Canberra Blind Society wish to thank Winning Appliances Kingston and Smeg so much for their unbelievable generosity. It will be greatly appreciated by all our CBS members who use our services. The new Smeg dishwasher has recently been installed and is ready for use to all monthly program participants.