Mentoring Program

Canberra Blind Society is committed to building the knowledge and confidence of Employers to increase and strengthen inclusive employment opportunities for people who have a vision impairment. Our Mentoring Program was fully funded by the Department of Social Services. 

The program worked well with a number of Federal Government Departments, ACT Directorates and private sector organisations. From 2021 to 2024 we listened to people’s experiences, shared our stories, and built understanding about the ongoing barriers to inclusive employment. We offered insights, raised awareness, and assisted in providing feedback to continue to reduce barriers to employment. We offered support to individuals, teams and organisations and

  • provided a quality customised mentoring approach;
  • identified challenges and barriers to inclusion, accessibility, and employment;
  • increased awareness of the capabilities of vision impaired persons and knowledge about access to available supports; and
  • developed resources and facilitated activities to improve understanding related to recruitment and retention.
Mentor Team

Our Mentors are vision impaired. The program was strengthened by our Mentors having the lived experience of successful careers in the public and private sectors. Our program was designed to fit with the workforce disability employment strategies developed by different organisations.

While the Mentoring Program has finished in May 2024, Canberra Blind Society’s commitment continues to help our community to learn together and create workplaces that welcome and support professionals with a vision impairment through the following resources.

Please find the following resources that we have developed to continue the work of the Mentoring Program.

Mentoring Publications


Canberra Blind Society would like to thank ArtSound FM team who helped us with the podcasting development. Check out their work on



If you have any questions about our Mentoring Program, please contact Canberra Blind Society on (02) 6247 4580.

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