Our Services & Programs

CBS Peer support programs

We offer our members – and potential members – an opportunity to engage in quality community-based activities that accommodate their passions and interests.

We are proud to offer the following volunteer-run programs on a regular basis:

Wednesday Audio Book Group

First Wednesday each month, 10.00AM, CBS Offices.

The Wednesday Audio Book Group invites book lovers to explore and discuss a diverse range of books with an equally diverse range of peers.

Wednesday Arts & Crafts Class

Second and fourth Wednesday each month, 10.00AM, CBS Offices.

The Wednesday Art Class Group encourages participants to explore and unleash their creative spirit in a social and supportive environment.

Thursday Friends of Braille

Thursdays during school term, 10.00AM, CBS Offices.

The Thursday Friends of Braille are peer support sessions open to people who are blind or vision impaired, parents and carers and professionals working in the blindness field. Instruction is offered in United English Braille (UEB) code.

Tactile Finger Spelling is also offered as needed. The course enables participants to communicate with people who are deaf/blind. Please contact the office for more information.

Friday Sense-Able Cooking Group

Third Friday each month, 10.00AM, CBS Offices.

The Friday Sense-Able Cooking Group is designed to help people with diminishing vision to prepare meals in confidence. Have fun with friends, try new recipes, learn about new products and how to use your other senses to help you.


VIP Hospital Kits

The Vision Impaired Persons (VIP) Hospital Kit provides practical information and resources for people who are blind or have low vision when they are admitted to hospital and for patients in hospital who may have lost sight or become blind during the course of their admission. The kit has also been designed as a resource for hospital staff so they can provide appropriate care to patients who are blind and have low vision.

Information in the ‘VIP Hospital Kit’ is presented in large print and audio formats and can be produced in Braille on request.

For more information please click on the following link, Contact Us.